About Us

Planet News Online appeared on April 1st, 2016 as an immediate reaction to the attacks in Brussels. Immediately after the event I contacted the main Belgian press to address the issue that, given their extremely one-sided reporting of the major conflicts over the last years, they are partially to blame for bending public opinion into the policies which led to this, as well as other disastrous events. My plea fell into deaf man’s ears.

Given the observation that these events can not be explained by Belgian press only, given that this is the result of ill-advised international policy, it stands to reason that international and thus poly-lingual press is to be addressed. Hence the need of building Planet News Online as a multi-lingual website from the ground up.

Reading through these pages, you will find that there is a lot of what can be perceived as pro-Russian rhetoric. You might feel we are biased towards taking preference towards the Slavic world view, as opposed to the Western one. As a wholly independent website spreading that view is not the goal of Planet News. Our goal is to bring the opposing view, to carry the voice of what can be called the minority when looking at Western press and it stands to reason that the Russian position towards major international issues has been under-represented for years now. Planet News aims to bring balance by posting the articles Planet News deems worthy of knowledge in the Western world. You’ll find a lot of examples of Western news media under our propaganda heading and less so of Russian propaganda. While Planet News knows propaganda is sure to be used on both sides, we, for now, have our focus in exposing the propaganda against Russia more than we have the focus on exposing Russian propaganda against the West. We also lack the capability to do so, given that the Russian language is unfamiliar to Planet News’s staff.

In all, we bring what we bring, so that you, the reader, can make up your own mind. We do not expect you to blindly follow. In fact, should you do so, we’d be missing our target.

Looking forward to waking up in a better world.

Planet News hopes you do too.